March 21, 2016


Welcome to my new website and thanks for taking a look! I’m currently setting lots of images and photos for a new gallery page. This will include designs I’ve completed for, Healthy Spirit in Didsbury, Joshua Paul Personal Training, Vehicle Graphics for Little Sports Coaching, Q-Oil and Q20 ‘Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant Spray, a front cover page for the ‘Forever Now’ Magazine and also shots of the latest design work I’ve been working on for Mont Azul, providers of quality roofing slate. I’ve got so much varied work, its actually quite hard choosing which designs I should show! Back soon 😉
March 23, 2016

Q Oil Labels

Q Oil label designs turned out well. You should try it out, very good product!  Website: Here’s a snippet from their website: Q Oil manufactures in the UK, a range of specialist, high quality aerosol oils which lubricate, displace water, clean, protect and stop rust. Applications are wide including machinery, vehicles (car, motorcycle, bus & truck), public transport (trains, trams, aircraft) and switchgear (low & high voltage). Used by maintenance workshops and enthusiasts worldwide to keep their equipment running smoothly. Q20 competes in Europe as an alternative to WD40 and other products such as GT85, AC90 and Wurth 20/40. 
November 27, 2017

Muckle Brewing Designs

It’s been a pleasure working on this brand from the start! Muckle Brewing is a tiny Northumbrian brewery with big values and mighty flavours. Muckle Brewing got in touch after being referred by a friend and business colleague.  They needed a logo design for their new business and this would be used on several beer labels. They sent over some sketches and were keen on incorporating Hadrian’s Wall but in a modern but minimalistic way. To create their logo, I redrew part of a photo of the wall they had send, creating a strong and subtle image that they loved.  They have been going from strength to strength and I have now designed lots of new beer labels, pump clips, display boxes and much more, including their website.  I’m really pleased with how the designs have turned out and they have been brilliant to work with. What they say: From our very […]
May 20, 2021

Jersey Street Music

I was given creative freedom on this project and worked closely with the guys to produce the album artwork and website (easily inspired by the music from Jersey Street). They’ve recently released their new album and have been getting some amazing feedback and lots of airplay – please go and check it out. Website: